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Guest: Leasha Ogle

September 28, 2022 Veronica Edwards / Leasha Ogle
The Veronica Edwards Show
Guest: Leasha Ogle
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From Leasha:

I was born and raised in Asheville, NC. I grew up in South Asheville and the Shiloh community. I attended TC Roberson High School. I left Asheville for a bit to try out college in Washington, DC, but quickly realized that was a lot for me to jump into at the age of 18! I returned to NC and studied in Charlotte for a while before ultimately finishing my undergrad degree at UNC-Asheville. So, I guess what I'm saying is: I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at the age of 18, and it's totally OK if anyone out there still hasn't quite figured out what they want to do yet no matter what age you are! 

After finishing my undergrad degree in Psychology and working in various roles for a few years, I began to notice an unfortunate trend in workplaces: that employees weren't always treated well, especially employees in services roles. I witnessed upper-level managers receiving respect, high salaries, and generally enjoying their work while "lower-level" staff were treated as if they were second-class citizens. That's when I realized that HR was what I wanted to do. I wanted to play a role in creating work spaces that could be enjoyed by everyone who worked there, regardless of their title or pay rate. That's when--about 5 years after my undergrad degree--I went to grad school at Western Carolina University for my Master's in Human Resources. 

So, where many people kind of stumble into HR work, I was very intentional about wanting to be in this field, and I've been doing HR in some capacity ever since! I'm currently the People & Culture Coordinator for The SPARC Foundation in Asheville, NC, where I have the pleasure of serving an amazing group of human services professionals doing great things for our community! As a wife and mom, it's important to me to work for a place that values family and work/life balance, and SPARC does just that. I believe SPARC is an employer of choice for working parents! If you're looking for a great place to further your career as well as your personal development, let's connect and see if SPARC could be the place for you!

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